All Natural Product’s Positive Impact on ADD & ADHD

Nothing makes me pay attention to a report more than verifiable SUCCESS! Many are the products that claim weight loss advantages, including the spokesperson for SubWay, and now a person who claims they lost weight eating only at McDonalds – YUK. Weight loss products come and go and can soon be forgotten.

Here is a product designed for diabetics, yet marketed as a weight loss product. Plexus World Wide produces and markets Plexus Slim as an answer to stubborn weight. That in and of itself didn’t impress me. However, the incredible testimonies of many people sharing that they not only lost weight, but also eliminated other ailments, did in fact impress me! Be careful to note here that at no point is this product hailed as a “cure,” or the FDA would have a fit. Truth is, many that have had other health issues are now off all medications and no longer suffering.

Business card back

While managing a Medical Supply company, we recognized that when we had a new diabetic customer enter, we had a customer for life. Why? because we had watched so many progressively decline as diabetics acquire more and more health issues and disabilities as their disease progressed.

As you read, ask this question…..Can all these seemingly unrelated diseases and health issues be directly linked to imbalanced blood sugar?

The following are a few testimonials (copy and pasted) from a Facebook page dedicated to Plexus Slim and the SUCCESS that many have realized since using the product. What impressed me most was the life changing results for children with ADD & ADHD. Not only are they performing at school, they are experiencing personality improvements as well. You be the judge. Make sure to read about Cameron’s achievements.

Beth, I am SO excited to share your story:

I just have to share a little of my happiness about Probio 5 today!

A little background…My 6 year old daughter is hyper and mouthy to say the least. She hit her terrible 2’s and never out grew them! Discipline is not the issue. We’ve tried everything under the sun! Her brothers are a complete 180 from her… Even her brother that just turned 3 and hasn’t outgrown his 2s yet. Every morning she is grouchy, cries, says her legs hurt, says shes too tired to walk to the breakfast table, c/o of her stomach hurting multiple times a day, fights with her brothers constantly and is bouncing off the walls until I force her to go to bed at night. We took her to her pediatrician to evaluate for ADHD. She was diagnosed with hyperactivity but not the attention deficit part. The treatment? ADHD meds. We tried 4 different ones over a 5 month period and the side effects were terrible! They made her mean and she chewed on her fingers constantly! I took her off all medications and got on a waiting list to see a specialist. They are so booked up that they haven’t even called to set up an appointment yet.

I started reading about Probio 5 helping kids with ADHD , Autism etc. So I thought I would give it a try with my daughter. Today is day 3 on Probio 5 and she woke up laughing with her brothers, ate her breakfast without complaint, got dressed after being told once and was singing a song while doing it! I just sat there watching in disbelief. I am one happy momma!

Amber says ~ I decided to post an update on PSTO, since I haven’t in a while. I started Plexus in April 2013. I am down 35lbs, and countless inches. This pic is of me with my favorite skirt from last fall/winter! I wore it 2-3 times a week. I cannot believe how different I look and feel. I have Celiac Disease, and I haven’t had thyroid meds, ADHD meds, antibiotics for my constant kidney infections, sleeping meds, cholesterol meds, or soda in 7 months!!! Plexus ROCKS!

Rebecca says ~ I have been using Plexus products for four months. This is the best I have ever felt in my life. I have suffered migraines, panic attacks, arthritis, and ADHD. (Thirty four years with migraines). When I first started the Slim I had one migraine. I noticed that it wasn’t a crippling one like I had suffered in the past. I took half an Imitex and went on about my day. (Normally I would have been in bed or on my way to ER) I now have very few migraines, and when I do they are manageable. The arthritis in my hands is gone. My panic attacks are gone. My ADHD is so much better!! I can stay on task and finish things. I do not weigh myself…it had become a obsession at one time in my life (when I weighed 220!) a wonderful person on FB told me (a plexus ambassador) to quit torturing myself and judge my weight on how my clothes fit, and how I feel that day! I am much happier as a person this way!!! I drink my slim first thing in the AM. After I eat a huge breakfast I take one Accelorator(just on the days I work long hours) I am a nurse and there are sweets everywhere!!! At night I take BioCleanse. Four capsules if I am constipated, and two normally. I also take two capsules of Probio5!!! I was yeast positive on the spit test. If I am in any pain I use the Fast Relief cream or the capsules. After one month of watching my weight loss success my husband started on Plexus also. (He has lost 16 pounds in three months, and feels great!) I don’t plan on ever being without my Plexus products!! When I see people stop after two weeks I want to cry. I want to tell everyone ” you didn’t get in your unhealthy condition in two weeks.. And your not going to get better in that amount of time either!! If you get frustrated call your Plexus Ambassador!!! They have been where you are at!!! You may need the Probio5 like I did!!! Never, Never, Never give up!!!! You deserve to be healthy and happy!!!

Tara says~ This is 6 months on the Plexus products. I have lost 32 lbs. and not sure inches as need to measure this week but as you can see a TON!!! I went from a starting size 24/26 (more 26) to a size 18/20 (more 18:) and wearing a 3XL top to a XL. I no longer suffer from migraines (9 yrs. of them) carpal tunnel (the past five years) and before Plexus I slept my days away. I would send my kiddos of to school be back to bed by 9 and up at 3 to get kids and back in bed by 9 I am proud to say I no longer nap when they are gone my chronic fatigue & depression is gone!!!!! I now spend my days with my family or working my Plexus business, yes I loved it so much I joined and am now helping others like you all too which I love. My hubby has also joined me and lost 36 lbs. from a 42 to a 38 and loves the energy he has and it helps with ADHD concentration and focus. Let me tell you a few things I learned along the way that are going to help : 1) Be consistent take the products everyday, even when you can’t see them working they are 2) Eat! if you don’t your body goes into starvation mode & won’t burn fat 3) Drink 1/2 your weight in water, even if you can’t get all of it at least try 4) Measure, Measure & Measure again. On the months when the scale doesn’t move the inches will. The scale cannot gauge your success don’t rely on it. 5) Take before & after photos. Even if you don’t want to share you will want them to compare and SEE the difference. Don’t get me wrong it has not be easy by any means my weight has went up and down, stalled and up and down again but throughout it all I have felt AMAZING and still do so I have stuck with it. You have to commit to the change, want it bad enough and do a little work along the way to get there (or keep it going) but it will all be worth it in the end I am proof of that. Bought this dress today in the now photo for my trip to Florida next month courtesy of Plexus and I am now an Gold ambassador making an income equal to the nursing position I gave up seven months ago to continue to be a stay at home mom. Plexus has been an amazing blessing in every aspect of my life


Here we are after about 3 1/2 months on Plexus products. Walt is down 30 lbs. & me 26 lbs. We have lost numerous inches as you can see. He has dropped from a 3XL to XL and sz. 44 to 38. I have went from a women’s sz. 24 to sz. 18/20 and tops from 3XL to XL. We both have so much more energy, sleep better, have noticed less irritability. I no longer have migraines & my carpal tunnel is almost gone after five years fo suffering. He has ADHD and has increased concentration & focus not so many raceing thoughts. I actually weight 10 lbs. less in this before photo than I do now ( I was loosing weight then w/ out Plexus and gained it all back:( ) but as you can see w/ Plexus SLim & loosing inches I am actually smaller now  These products have been a life saving change for both he & I and although we have a ways to go we have both come so far.

Another Post

This is from a customer of mine. “He is complex ADHD, intermittent explosive disorder, and sensory perception disorder. 1 point from asbergers Off all meds. He is now only drinking the slim. He still as moments of outburst but now they are able to calm him down and refocus him etc. Plus the few outburst he has they are not at all as intense. I know the last 2 1/2 weeks of school not 1 visit to the principals office which was basically going on a daily basis. Plus he was allowed to go on the end of the year field trip and had no incident. ….. Last semester trip she got a letter stating that he could not go to the trip for fear of his possible behavioral outbursts.”

Jenny Colding

Okay so I am going to brag about Plexus a little bit more…. Guys Aiden has been having a tough time in school and they were telling me that he had ADD and that they thought that I should put him on meds for it. Well I hate those medications and I did not want to put him on something that was going to make him feel like a zombie for 8 hours of his day. They were in talks of retaining him in kindergarten because he was testing low in all subjects. Well I was doing some research and noticed that on the testimonial page for Plexus, people were giving just the drink to their children who had ADHD…. So in March, (with thee approval of his pediatrician, who buys Plexus from me as well) I started giving Aiden on half a bottle of Plexus in the am before school. When I met with his teach a couple weeks ago she said that he was doing better, but that he had one more set of test to take and then she would evaluate him then. As of his last 9 week report card they were referring Aiden to be retained. I met with Ms. McCall yesterday and after Aiden’s test scores in the high 70 to low 80, I AM PROUD TO SAY I HAVE A 1st GRADER on my hands… I am so proud of him and so thankful for Plexus and what it is doing for my family in so many different ways. His teacher thanked me for working hard with him and I said you should thank me and Plexus…. So Excited for him…


Its been a little over a month now since my son has been on Plexus and something happened today that I thought I would share with you all. I know most of you have read my testimony about my son that had the picture of all the work he was able to do without arguing and the note from the teacher. Well today I got a phone call from the school telling me that my son is being sent home because he gave a kid the answers to a test and it is school policy to send them home for cheating. Now normally this would have been a devastating phone call but when I got off the phone I was actually crying happy tears. Of course I was upset that he got in trouble but once the principal told me what he did wrong she said:

“But wait, I do want to mention a few things to you that I have noticed about Cameron. Usually when he gets sent to my office he is very rude and hateful, he doesn’t want to listen and he refuses to talk to me. He makes excuses for everything and claims he did nothing wrong. But here lately I have noticed that he actually shows remorse for what he has done. He will actually set and talk to me without arguing and he even admits to the things that he’s done. He is actually the one that told on himself for cheating today. He felt so awful for the other kid that was also being punished and begged me to give their punishment to him instead. I feel like I am actually getting to see the real Cameron with a huge heart and it makes me want to cry!”

As I was listening to her talk I was so excited to see that I wasn’t the only one noticing this change. Once again I got to hear good things about my son and I couldn’t hold back the tears. She said whatever your doing don’t stop! I told her that I had started giving him Plexus (which my son had already given her my business card because he said he wanted to help me with my job lol) she actually said she was keeping my contact info so that she could refer some people to me! My son might actually have a chance and get through school without having the title as “the bad kid” and now I might have the opportunity to help other kids and their family! Plexus has been the answer to my prayers!

Note: For those that didn’t read the first post you may use the search bar and enter either my name or ADHD and take a look. Also I did get this approved by the Doctor first.

The picture is of my two boys (my heroes). Cameron is the oldest one.


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