Road to Discovery: Re-creating Personal Value by™

It only took two days. Getting home t relax after a hard half-day at work, I took time to reflect. It had only been two days and I had not even been introduced to half of the responsibilities I will addressing. Yet, I could feel the difference.

I don’t even have my security pass to the network system nor an official email account yet. I have been given an old newsletter, a camera, and a website to post pictures. Not exceptionally hard work. Not even work that I ever aspired to, nor ever really expected to see myself actually performing.

Much of the two days has been visiting with and getting to know my new coworkers. To get a feel for the purpose of their roles and responsibilities, as well as simply who they are. I couldn’t even offer a name to my position. I’m certainly not hitting the ground running, or at least not the hard work that I am accustomed to performing.

After two days though, I already recognize that I feel better about myself and see myself in a more professional light. There is something about responsibility that changes a person. Assignments, list of duties, responsibility, and the authority to act will mold a person. Just to simply unlock doors and greet people coming through the doors opens the doorway of being seen as a professional again.

Since then I have learned so much more about my new position, have been to training classes and have reached out to people via multi social media links, and am beginning to develop some ownership in the process. My work, however small it may be just yet, is posted for others to see. Call it communications, or marketing, or public relations, or whatever and I still see that how I have spent my time has already generated new contacts and new business.

I share all this for a purpose, and that is that sometimes we need even the smallest assignment or role to give us that shift that we need in our personal paradigm. Even when we looked at the picture of Rachel Raye’s two magazine photo cover shots, we knew that the million dollar smile did not cover the soul that came shining through her eyes. And we also recognized that how we see ourselves comes pouring out in our body language, our first impressions, our cover letters, interviews, follow-up letters, and any other presence we offer.

Recognizing that Presidents and CEO’s have instructed HR to trash the resume’s of those not currently employed, it could be that the unemployed with their beat down self-image have made a lasting poor impression. SO, here is the question. If even a part-time role, of less than our normal skills and abilities, makes that big of a difference, is it advisable to those who have been unemployed beyond a few months, and certainly beyond the point that their self-esteem is failing, to take part-time work for no other purpose than to raise them back to an upright position?

Based on my experience I would recommend many to find a part-time job, even if it is a volunteer position. The more that one can do by accomplishing a need or task, creates value. And when we see ourselves as more valuable, then our esteem reflects that in every other way. When we are seen as valuable, then we therefore develop a demand for our services. Eventually that will spell success.

Now as time moves forward and I progress in my new skills, I expect my self-image to grow in a healthy fashion. My ability to sell myself to others is highest when I feel the best about myself, and yours will too. So consider the possibility of a part-time job, for medicinal purposes of course, to give your self a shot . We all need a little narcissism every once in a while.

We are responsible for creating our own demand. We do that by bringing value to what we do and to those we interact with. If economic recession has impeded your re-entry into a full-time career, then begin to create or re-create your value to your community one step at a time. No, it won’t be what your heart desires. It won’t be the dream job you crave. To create your personal value and demand, you have to be doing something! Find a place to fit in and Celebrate Success.

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