Innovation in the Job Search Process by ™

Celebrities such as Madonna, have long been known for re-inventing themselves, after a normal life-cycle as a music celebrity, their image has begun to decline in popularity. Those who are no longer satisfied with the results ( or lack of results) of their resume, will need to begin examining how to re-invent themselves.
Insanity – Continually repeating the same action, over and over again, expecting a different result.
Sending out the same resume, which fails to receive any attention, and continually expecting a job offer could qualify as insanity.
Redefine who you are. Change the introduction or summary at the top of your resume.
Redefine what you have done. Write the resume specifically to the list of qualifications and job requirements. Use the same language since so many will be processed by software and given a digital score. The presence of, or absence of key words that the scan has been set to detect, will determine the score. Only those within a specified score range will even be examined by the human eye to determine if an invitation is in order.
Online applications are the same. They generate scores for the applicant based upon answers and questions left blank. Leaving questions empty will only count against you. Explore how best to answer the question without hurting yourself.
Reinvent your cover letter. An effective cover letter will introduce you in such a way that creates a desire to know more about you. Read books and articles about effective cover letters.
Reinvent your self image (how you see yourself) in order to sell yourself in a different manner. A 360 degree evaluation is helpful. Have friends write a letter of recommendation. If they make a genuine effort, then you will learn something about your self as others value your unique gifts.
Some on-line application systems will allow you to upload letters of recommendation. Be prepared and have them in hand before you get to that point in the application.
It really helps before you take this process on, to have a paradigm shift of who you might be. By this I mean that you really open your mind and heart to genuine feedback. Don’t fight any of the feedback. After you have had several give you their insights, review for common points that they see as valuable to them. Then begin to explore how you might sell that to a prospective employer, through the cover letter, resume, interview and letters of recommendation.

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