Challenges for Members of The Joseph Project by ™

To Maximize TJP as a Networking Group;

1. Come Prepared – If you are committed to “true networking”, bring three or four job referrals to share with other professionals. You may not always receive a reference, but neither will the others. However, if everyone brings what they find, then we will be truly networking as we share what we find.
2. Be Mobile – Stop sitting in the same old seat with the same old people. That does not expand your networking group. You will never get to know other people and “connect” in such a way that they will think of you when an opportunity arises, if you never get to know new people.
3. Determination – Be committed to introducing yourself to four new people each week. This should include several minutes of conversation. If you don’t know their line of work or interest when you part, then you did not get to “know” them.
4. Collect Info – Don’t walk away without exchanging contact information. Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo and others require a basic piece of information to build the network. Get it, use it, build your network.
5. Common Courtesy – While you are getting to know someone new, include others. Introduce people you know to the first timer that you are getting to know. Making introductions to others and making a ‘first time’ attendance as easy as possible is a common courtesy, that maybe isn’t as common as it used to be.
6. Follow Up – Do lunch. Whether after TJP, or during the week, have lunch and get to know others. Usually three to four people will do a great job of interacting. The best information I have gathered on others has been during informal lunches. Soup & Salad at a restraint is inexpensive and healthy.
7. Feedback – When you have tried something that was suggested by another, share the outcome with the person. If the idea didn’t work, they could help you. If it did work, they deserve the positive feedback for their contribution to helping you. Share with others in your network what has worked for you.
8. Mingle – Networking with unemployed professionals only goes so far. Be sure to include in your active networking practice those who are employed and have access to an H.R. office. These are the people who are in a position to best give you a reference. If 85% of the jobs are not posted, then these people will be able to get your resume to the right person and HAND DELIVERED with a personal recommendation.
9. Courier – take other’s resumes to those associates who are employed. Do for them what they cannot do for themselves. Get their resumes to the H.R. office, hand delivered with a recommendation.
10. Hunt – Find other opportunities, other groups, to meet new people and repeat the previous steps. Then cross reference and introduce others between the groups.

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One Response to Challenges for Members of The Joseph Project by ™

  1. Janet says:


    Thanks for these great reminders! There are several that I will start incorporating on Wednesdays that I never thought of using.

    Blessings, Janet

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