All Natural Product’s Positive Impact on ADD & ADHD

Nothing makes me pay attention to a report more than verifiable SUCCESS! Many are the products that claim weight loss advantages, including the spokesperson for SubWay, and now a person who claims they lost weight eating only at McDonalds – YUK. Weight loss products come and go and can soon be forgotten.

Here is a product designed for diabetics, yet marketed as a weight loss product. Plexus World Wide produces and markets Plexus Slim as an answer to stubborn weight. That in and of itself didn’t impress me. However, the incredible testimonies of many people sharing that they not only lost weight, but also eliminated other ailments, did in fact impress me! Be careful to note here that at no point is this product hailed as a “cure,” or the FDA would have a fit. Truth is, many that have had other health issues are now off all medications and no longer suffering.

Business card back

While managing a Medical Supply company, we recognized that when we had a new diabetic customer enter, we had a customer for life. Why? because we had watched so many progressively decline as diabetics acquire more and more health issues and disabilities as their disease progressed.

As you read, ask this question…..Can all these seemingly unrelated diseases and health issues be directly linked to imbalanced blood sugar?

The following are a few testimonials (copy and pasted) from a Facebook page dedicated to Plexus Slim and the SUCCESS that many have realized since using the product. What impressed me most was the life changing results for children with ADD & ADHD. Not only are they performing at school, they are experiencing personality improvements as well. You be the judge. Make sure to read about Cameron’s achievements.

Beth, I am SO excited to share your story:

I just have to share a little of my happiness about Probio 5 today!

A little background…My 6 year old daughter is hyper and mouthy to say the least. She hit her terrible 2’s and never out grew them! Discipline is not the issue. We’ve tried everything under the sun! Her brothers are a complete 180 from her… Even her brother that just turned 3 and hasn’t outgrown his 2s yet. Every morning she is grouchy, cries, says her legs hurt, says shes too tired to walk to the breakfast table, c/o of her stomach hurting multiple times a day, fights with her brothers constantly and is bouncing off the walls until I force her to go to bed at night. We took her to her pediatrician to evaluate for ADHD. She was diagnosed with hyperactivity but not the attention deficit part. The treatment? ADHD meds. We tried 4 different ones over a 5 month period and the side effects were terrible! They made her mean and she chewed on her fingers constantly! I took her off all medications and got on a waiting list to see a specialist. They are so booked up that they haven’t even called to set up an appointment yet.

I started reading about Probio 5 helping kids with ADHD , Autism etc. So I thought I would give it a try with my daughter. Today is day 3 on Probio 5 and she woke up laughing with her brothers, ate her breakfast without complaint, got dressed after being told once and was singing a song while doing it! I just sat there watching in disbelief. I am one happy momma!

Amber says ~ I decided to post an update on PSTO, since I haven’t in a while. I started Plexus in April 2013. I am down 35lbs, and countless inches. This pic is of me with my favorite skirt from last fall/winter! I wore it 2-3 times a week. I cannot believe how different I look and feel. I have Celiac Disease, and I haven’t had thyroid meds, ADHD meds, antibiotics for my constant kidney infections, sleeping meds, cholesterol meds, or soda in 7 months!!! Plexus ROCKS!

Rebecca says ~ I have been using Plexus products for four months. This is the best I have ever felt in my life. I have suffered migraines, panic attacks, arthritis, and ADHD. (Thirty four years with migraines). When I first started the Slim I had one migraine. I noticed that it wasn’t a crippling one like I had suffered in the past. I took half an Imitex and went on about my day. (Normally I would have been in bed or on my way to ER) I now have very few migraines, and when I do they are manageable. The arthritis in my hands is gone. My panic attacks are gone. My ADHD is so much better!! I can stay on task and finish things. I do not weigh myself…it had become a obsession at one time in my life (when I weighed 220!) a wonderful person on FB told me (a plexus ambassador) to quit torturing myself and judge my weight on how my clothes fit, and how I feel that day! I am much happier as a person this way!!! I drink my slim first thing in the AM. After I eat a huge breakfast I take one Accelorator(just on the days I work long hours) I am a nurse and there are sweets everywhere!!! At night I take BioCleanse. Four capsules if I am constipated, and two normally. I also take two capsules of Probio5!!! I was yeast positive on the spit test. If I am in any pain I use the Fast Relief cream or the capsules. After one month of watching my weight loss success my husband started on Plexus also. (He has lost 16 pounds in three months, and feels great!) I don’t plan on ever being without my Plexus products!! When I see people stop after two weeks I want to cry. I want to tell everyone ” you didn’t get in your unhealthy condition in two weeks.. And your not going to get better in that amount of time either!! If you get frustrated call your Plexus Ambassador!!! They have been where you are at!!! You may need the Probio5 like I did!!! Never, Never, Never give up!!!! You deserve to be healthy and happy!!!

Tara says~ This is 6 months on the Plexus products. I have lost 32 lbs. and not sure inches as need to measure this week but as you can see a TON!!! I went from a starting size 24/26 (more 26) to a size 18/20 (more 18:) and wearing a 3XL top to a XL. I no longer suffer from migraines (9 yrs. of them) carpal tunnel (the past five years) and before Plexus I slept my days away. I would send my kiddos of to school be back to bed by 9 and up at 3 to get kids and back in bed by 9 I am proud to say I no longer nap when they are gone my chronic fatigue & depression is gone!!!!! I now spend my days with my family or working my Plexus business, yes I loved it so much I joined and am now helping others like you all too which I love. My hubby has also joined me and lost 36 lbs. from a 42 to a 38 and loves the energy he has and it helps with ADHD concentration and focus. Let me tell you a few things I learned along the way that are going to help : 1) Be consistent take the products everyday, even when you can’t see them working they are 2) Eat! if you don’t your body goes into starvation mode & won’t burn fat 3) Drink 1/2 your weight in water, even if you can’t get all of it at least try 4) Measure, Measure & Measure again. On the months when the scale doesn’t move the inches will. The scale cannot gauge your success don’t rely on it. 5) Take before & after photos. Even if you don’t want to share you will want them to compare and SEE the difference. Don’t get me wrong it has not be easy by any means my weight has went up and down, stalled and up and down again but throughout it all I have felt AMAZING and still do so I have stuck with it. You have to commit to the change, want it bad enough and do a little work along the way to get there (or keep it going) but it will all be worth it in the end I am proof of that. Bought this dress today in the now photo for my trip to Florida next month courtesy of Plexus and I am now an Gold ambassador making an income equal to the nursing position I gave up seven months ago to continue to be a stay at home mom. Plexus has been an amazing blessing in every aspect of my life


Here we are after about 3 1/2 months on Plexus products. Walt is down 30 lbs. & me 26 lbs. We have lost numerous inches as you can see. He has dropped from a 3XL to XL and sz. 44 to 38. I have went from a women’s sz. 24 to sz. 18/20 and tops from 3XL to XL. We both have so much more energy, sleep better, have noticed less irritability. I no longer have migraines & my carpal tunnel is almost gone after five years fo suffering. He has ADHD and has increased concentration & focus not so many raceing thoughts. I actually weight 10 lbs. less in this before photo than I do now ( I was loosing weight then w/ out Plexus and gained it all back:( ) but as you can see w/ Plexus SLim & loosing inches I am actually smaller now  These products have been a life saving change for both he & I and although we have a ways to go we have both come so far.

Another Post

This is from a customer of mine. “He is complex ADHD, intermittent explosive disorder, and sensory perception disorder. 1 point from asbergers Off all meds. He is now only drinking the slim. He still as moments of outburst but now they are able to calm him down and refocus him etc. Plus the few outburst he has they are not at all as intense. I know the last 2 1/2 weeks of school not 1 visit to the principals office which was basically going on a daily basis. Plus he was allowed to go on the end of the year field trip and had no incident. ….. Last semester trip she got a letter stating that he could not go to the trip for fear of his possible behavioral outbursts.”

Jenny Colding

Okay so I am going to brag about Plexus a little bit more…. Guys Aiden has been having a tough time in school and they were telling me that he had ADD and that they thought that I should put him on meds for it. Well I hate those medications and I did not want to put him on something that was going to make him feel like a zombie for 8 hours of his day. They were in talks of retaining him in kindergarten because he was testing low in all subjects. Well I was doing some research and noticed that on the testimonial page for Plexus, people were giving just the drink to their children who had ADHD…. So in March, (with thee approval of his pediatrician, who buys Plexus from me as well) I started giving Aiden on half a bottle of Plexus in the am before school. When I met with his teach a couple weeks ago she said that he was doing better, but that he had one more set of test to take and then she would evaluate him then. As of his last 9 week report card they were referring Aiden to be retained. I met with Ms. McCall yesterday and after Aiden’s test scores in the high 70 to low 80, I AM PROUD TO SAY I HAVE A 1st GRADER on my hands… I am so proud of him and so thankful for Plexus and what it is doing for my family in so many different ways. His teacher thanked me for working hard with him and I said you should thank me and Plexus…. So Excited for him…


Its been a little over a month now since my son has been on Plexus and something happened today that I thought I would share with you all. I know most of you have read my testimony about my son that had the picture of all the work he was able to do without arguing and the note from the teacher. Well today I got a phone call from the school telling me that my son is being sent home because he gave a kid the answers to a test and it is school policy to send them home for cheating. Now normally this would have been a devastating phone call but when I got off the phone I was actually crying happy tears. Of course I was upset that he got in trouble but once the principal told me what he did wrong she said:

“But wait, I do want to mention a few things to you that I have noticed about Cameron. Usually when he gets sent to my office he is very rude and hateful, he doesn’t want to listen and he refuses to talk to me. He makes excuses for everything and claims he did nothing wrong. But here lately I have noticed that he actually shows remorse for what he has done. He will actually set and talk to me without arguing and he even admits to the things that he’s done. He is actually the one that told on himself for cheating today. He felt so awful for the other kid that was also being punished and begged me to give their punishment to him instead. I feel like I am actually getting to see the real Cameron with a huge heart and it makes me want to cry!”

As I was listening to her talk I was so excited to see that I wasn’t the only one noticing this change. Once again I got to hear good things about my son and I couldn’t hold back the tears. She said whatever your doing don’t stop! I told her that I had started giving him Plexus (which my son had already given her my business card because he said he wanted to help me with my job lol) she actually said she was keeping my contact info so that she could refer some people to me! My son might actually have a chance and get through school without having the title as “the bad kid” and now I might have the opportunity to help other kids and their family! Plexus has been the answer to my prayers!

Note: For those that didn’t read the first post you may use the search bar and enter either my name or ADHD and take a look. Also I did get this approved by the Doctor first.

The picture is of my two boys (my heroes). Cameron is the oldest one.


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How Will You Protect Your Business From the Next Invasion? by Joe Elkins

In a recent news release by Yahoo,, I have questions concerning any possible or pending restrictions on use of drones by private citizens and against private citizens. Particularly of concern would be a new era of corporate espionage. Spying on the competition and stealing of ideas, products, campaigns, etc.

I am not one to expect that anyone would want to spy on me. However, I still value my personal privacy and having a drone come over my fence, up to my window, or even enter my house through an open garage door, is unacceptable. There are already cases of privacy violations as some mount extraordinary cameras on their homes for the purpose of catching glimpse of their neighbors in the nude. Now these people will have the opportunity to take the camera right up to anyone’s window for peeping.

Then there is the criminal who could use it for casing a prospect for their next burglary. There is a benefit for the product, however any well meaning product can be used for illicit purposes. I am not in favor of the press, who frequently violate people’s privacy all in the name of “journalism” and the publics “right to know,” having any additional weapons of intrusion. What was created for military use does not need to be in the hands of ordinary citizens without legislation.

Law enforcement may have a need in some cases. In this segment the video shows the use for locating a suspect. What about law enforcement using this for surveillance without a court order? It’s not wire tapping but it is just as invasive. Will the “evidence” be admissible in court? Or how about college co-eds taking spy photos from above the girls dorms where they sunbathe topless with some privacy. What happens when those photos are loaded to the web? What if it was your daughter? Or will this be the next tool for upskirting?

There are those who have strutted their stuff down the beach in bikinis, and objected, sued and won against those who took their picture. Sorry, if you’re going to flaunt it publicly I don’t see that as a privacy issue. Will the privacy fence around your home pool be bypassed legally by the neighbors sons or daughters? To use these cams in the proximity of a home, business, or public event is not permissible. And for those who can’t find a scalper to buy tickets for the next Super Bowl game, how many drones inside the stadium will be allowable? And then if it uploaded the net by black market techies who loses?

Next, my question deals with whether or not an individual, in defense of their privacy and property, will be held accountable for shooting down, netting, or damaging someone else’s drones? Will it be considered an act of vandalism for destroying someone else’s property? Or will you be able to claim self-defense? Once the drone is down, how easily will one be able to trace the ownership and person responsible? Will the owner of the drone have the audacity to knock on your door and ask for the return of their drone?

Airlines are concerned about the risk to commercial and private flights. A few of these in the hands of Al Qaeda would be just as bad as some of their other approaches. Should anyone using a drone be required to file a flight plan? After all it is an aircraft. Which agencies are to govern and control?

I even grin at the thought of a neighborhood snoop like Gladys Cravitz using one to spy on Samantha Stevens to catch her using witchcraft. We may soon learn of other sick uses on Criminal Minds. And then, what use will the Sandusky’s in this world use it for? Will their be a new reality tv show based on random window peeping? How many escape plans will be delivered over the prison fences? Will personal and corporate privacy give way to America’s addiction to voyeurism?

For the workplace, which companies or industries would be at the highest risk? Those involved with design such as architectural firms or advertising agencies? Will whistleblowers be protected using these at work? Should ATM’s have a protective curtain to keep drones from being able to view pin numbers? Or how will people’s login and password’s be guarded while using keyboards in a public venue? Will this be a new category requiring a Standard Operating Procedure for a companies Risk Management plan?

Before this product is too widely spread and the abuses are lined up in courts waiting for various judges to hand down various opinions on the legalities and or penalties, I recommend that congress get a handle on this quickly. Contact your legislator and express your position. Prepare for the coming privacy invasion and Celebrate Success!

All opinions and comments on this article are welcome.


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Dynamic Leaders: Managing change is an ever changing constant.

Lieutenant Governor Mark A. Darr spoke recently and shared his history in business. One of his enterprises is MAD Pizza, which hit the area like gang busters. Even with Brazillian style service and exotic flavors of pizza driving the name to be a common buzz about town, it’s not what he expected. A transparent testimony given by one who advocates a financially transparent government. Thank you.

He had owned another business that was a great success in his opinion. He modeled his new business plan based upon past performance and success. He sold that plan to others including the bank, with enthusiastic expectations of performance. Yet, when the money was borrowed and spent, the restaurant built and the doors opened, it didn’t result in the same formulaic results. It is still a great business, but its not what the original business model delivered.

SO, what went wrong? Economy? Yep. Location, Location, Location? Yep. Geographical dynamics? Yep again. Time? Maybe.

I use this example to model that there is no one absolute Cookie Cutter approach to business. Manufacturers don’t design their plants all on the same floor plan. Salesmen don’t all use the same hook to close a sale. It doesn’t matter how successful a person has been at a previous business and position, the dynamics of new groups don’t perform like the original. The individual and group politics are different.

The economy has shut many doors. I watched one organization in 2009 fail to make a single sale out of two locations for as long as six months. The owners were quoted as having said, “I’ve never faced this before. We entered the market after the recession in the 80’s. I don’t know how to manage in this economy.” Sales hit a brick wall the day after Obama gave his first report following 100 days in office. Prospective buyers were telling salesmen that they were going to pay off all debt and enter no new contracts.

Personally, I can’t imagine a location that would be much better for MAD Pizza. Jim Yates, who started the EZ Mart stores, had his formula. Can’t say it was always a corner lot, but it was always located where he could get a price per square foot below a set level. Walgreens focuses on corner lots. Where car wash owners tend to place their business is in lower income neighborhoods, because that demographic frequents the business more often than higher income areas. Location has always been a key to business success. Each focuses on a different dynamic.

People change from one area to the next, one organization to the next, one movie-showing to the next. Years ago I watched a movie where the entire audience responded extremely favorable. During the next evening, the entire audience of different people, and different dynamics, did not respond at all. Sell out crowds but to two entirely different customer bases. What happened over night? Dynamics.

I have seen managers have great success in one group, get moved to a new location and fail. Their managerial skills were the same as before. So what happened? Maybe its like sports teams that have a different level of success from year to year as either players graduate and leave, coaching staffs change, and resulting dynamics adjust, or don’t. The dynamics of any group will change with the loss or addition of any one single personality, manager, or leader.

Wise leaders will make an effort to learn and understand the pre-existing culture and dynamics. It is during this effort that objections and obstacles are identified. Leaders will then focus on influencing those inhibitors and gain their assistance in turning the group to new efforts. Without examining the geographical cultural dynamics, a manger may ride his desk to impending doom. John Getz, one of the best leaders I have worked for, admitted that his fourth plant was much more difficult to figure and manage than any of the others.

The economy has changed the buying patterns of consumers, making the analysts’ forecasts that much more difficult in sales and marketing strategies. On a national level, demographics change as people move about the country seeking employment. Buying patterns change continually. Managing change is an ever changing constant.

Neutralizing the negatives is one measure of a manager’s flexibility as a change agent. Analysis paralysis is a common term. We have to leave the details, to experience the people. People-watchers are more inclined to sense subtleties in organizational dynamic shifts. Listening skills and intuitiveness will payoff. As a leader, will you be flexible enough to change your course based on feedback from your new group? It is most difficult to lead, if no one wants to follow.

Are you a Dynamic Leader? Are you able to lead through group dynamics? Or does the situation burn you to the core? Mad managers drive talent out the door. Dynamic leaders attract new talent, blossom late bloomers, develops their people. They inspire their people to achieve new goals thereby changing the organizations dynamics positively. They influence dynamics, and by doing so, become dynamic leaders.

Have you worked for a dynamic leader? Share your story and what you learned from their example, and Celebrate Success!

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And the Survey Says! . . . .

Questioning employee motivation brings to mind a line out of the movie Remember the Titans, “attitude is a reflection of leadership,” Ouch!

That being said, there can also be those subversives that act to undermine management, either at the water cooler, during lunch or after hours. They can spread their poison of negativity to keep production suppressed and management challenged. Sometimes, you have to show them the door, pink slip in hand.

Complacency is also a killer of motivation and sometimes you need to upset the applecart to wake everyone up and get their attention refocused on achievement.

I once went five rounds with a plant manager over his mandating a seven day workweek. Morale was at its lowest and so was production. In his mind, overtime was a privilege and a reward until I expressed that it wasn’t if they didn’t want or need it. All that extra money was great in his opinion, but the employees wanted time off to spend the money and time with their families. You can’t shove perceived rewards down employee’s throats and expect them to stomach it. One employee told me, “ there’s no point in trying harder. They’ll kill a good man around here.”

During MBA studies, we were introduced to Maslow’s hierarchy and research done by Hertzberg on employee motivation. Out of ten desirable qualities of a job, money came in number five. Great insights if you have the inclination to learn from industrial psychologist. Money quickly becomes an entitlement.

Following these researchers, there are now surveys designed to determine what motivates your particular group of employees. Just be prepared, as this can be just as surprising and ego damaging as a 360 feedback session. Employee Engagement surveys can make an incredible difference. In world-class organizations, the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 9.57:1. In average organizations, the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 1.83:1(Gallup). With engaged organizations producing 3.9 times the Earnings per Share as those without engagement in the same industry, the ROI could prove worth the investment.

Surveys have a way of opening up people, even to themselves, when they won’t open up to administrators and managers. If you want to know how to motivate your employees, best place to start is by asking them. What are their goals and aspirations and how do you help them get there? Check out Employee Engagement on the web.

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What Bruce Wilkerson Shared with Me

I recently had the opportunity to meet Bruce Wilkerson at a special session for teachers at Shiloh Christian school. I was a guest of one of those teachers and as soon as we sat down, Bruce was there to shake our hand and introduce himself, “Hi, I’m Bruce.” Yes he remained humble and common as possible despite his level of achievement.

He treated everyone in the room in the same manner. He made sure to introduce himself to each person and to ask a few questions of them on a personal level. Real and Genuine. There was no guile in his behavior. He used his time to build relationships with his audience. I watched him work the room and he was simply a master of putting people at ease and removing barriers to communication.

Then as he opened the night by building up the indelible imprint that teachers leave on students, he opened the floor to questions. I being a guest would not steal the floor from those for whom he was invited to speak to. However, will all the pleading he could offer, there was no teacher willing to break the silence and speak up to ask any questions. So, I did ask.

To Mr. Bruce I asked, “You spoke about three teachers who touched you in a special way. Would you share about those three people and what made them special?” He looked down silently for a spell. Having taken his eyes off the crowd, he seemed focused on the podium. After a bit, looking up he replied, “I’ll share with you two of the three.”

The answer was much longer than we expected. He shared of a deal his parents made with him to pay for his first year of college if he would attend a Bible college back in New Jersey. With no aspirations for ministry, he reluctantly agreed to abide by their wishes. While there he played sports and developed a relationship with the coach. After his first year of college, he returned home to work the summer at a job that was anything but pleasurable. Everyday he detested the job just a bit more than the day before. Then near the end of the summer, with no plans to return to the Bible College he received a letter that simply read, “Bruce, why don’t you come back?” So, he did.

Somewhere during his time there, he had heard a speaker that moved him. He publicly shared with others at the conclusion of the presentation, “I am going to go where ever that man goes and study under him.” The man Bruce was so impressed with was none other than Howard Hendrix, President of Dallas Theological Seminary.
Bruce did not only make it to seminary, but to Dallas Theological Seminary. He sat under the tutelage of Howard but did not only listen to his message. He studied the man himself. Watching every move, every gesture, every twinkle in his eye as he delivered his message. Bruce made similar notes of other professors, ministers and speakers as well.

But then there was a subject matter that Bruce determined that he wanted to know. He wanted to know that subject so well that he went beyond course work to conduct his own intensive study. Then one day Howard returned a paper that Bruce had written with a personal note of encouragement, “Bruce, you will undoubtedly become one of the foremost authors on the subject in years to come. I look forward to reading your work.”

After his presentation before the teachers, I slipped back up to ask another question or two. I had attended a church in Dallas where the deacons and elders were mostly faculty at DTS, and we enjoyed sharing of my pastor Don Geiger that he remembered.

Somewhere in the mix I returned to ask him about the depth of his relationship with Howard. He flat shut down the thought that I had believing he had a rich relationship with Howard. “No, he said, Howard was not a relational person. I reminded him of what he shared and he reiterated that he did have a great relationship with his coach during Bible college. It was simply the note on his paper that became a driving motivation for Bruce to achieve. It was because his mentor Howard believed in him.

Given all this, I question the issue of mentoring. Who is it that you have chosen to “mentor” you? WHY? What have they achieved? Describe their persona or charisma. Why in the world would you want to be like them? What do you possibly hope to achieve? Bruce chose a person, his coach, who had persona and charisma enough to put Bruce in the right place at the right time to be exposed to Howard.

Then he placed himself at the feet of the master, one who had reached the pinnacle of academics, communication, and the ability to motivate others.

Before you place yourself at the feet of anyone with the intent that they lead you, evaluate where they will take you. Don’t settle for a more convenient mentor. Make the effort to find and acquire the very best. One who can lead you to the ultimate advancement you desire. But also ask if they can bring more out of you than you even imagine of yourself. I’m not sure that Bruce saw himself as the leader that Howard described on his paper, until he read the note. Then Bruce aspired to be everything his mentor envisioned.

You may have to have that one person like Bruce who puts you in the right place at the right time. I encourage you to listen to those you value. However, recognize that if you are looking to reach a pinnacle, then those who have gone before will be the best mentors. Request an introduction. Ask for their willingness to mentor. Study them and what they share. Watch what they do. When you find the right mentor and follow with wisdom, you will excel and most certainly Celebrate Success!

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Why the Minority Will Always Rule by™

Less than 4% of what we hear, read, or witness actually is retained for improvement learning. Why? We are too accustomed to being entertained, versus becoming students of great ideas.

John Maxwell became a student of leadership. The more he learned, the more he led by sharing what he had learned. Now recognized as one of our nations leading authorities on Leadership, John has a tremendous following. Dale Carnegie became one of Time magazines’ most influential people of the century, by taking notes as his students shared their success stories in his YMCA class.

Jack Welch became a student of Quality and Processes, much like Edwards Demming. The fruit of Demming’s life-long studies is still feeding younger generations around the world. The Japanese even have a quality award named in his honor where Jack Welch is recognized as a leader in the Six Sigma approach to solving problems. Sam Walton studied the customer, the employee, and the supplier.

Dave Ramsey studied what it takes to be wise with money and began to share as a volunteer on a radio show. He learned as he participated with his audience and now leads many in their personal finance. And Thomas Stanley studied millionaires to find out what makes them tick, and what makes them successful. Now he is recognized as an authority because he compiled his findings.

What is the difference between these people and the rest of the population? Their purpose was to learn, which required studying. Even a healthy percentage of people read a great number of books only to cite them as a book they have read. They may have even high-lighted insightful passages only to close the book, locking away that treasure on the shelf. With all probability, they have the same idea high-lighted in four to six books, never employing the time and energy to actually profit from the thought. The leaders however, pull the idea out and maybe throw the book away.

If it truly is a great idea, then they want to maximize the benefit from the treasure they have found. They toy with the idea exploring the many what-if’s. They envision where it could be used for the greatest return. They formulate situations and people with which the idea is to be tested, and in so doing, have begun the process of developing a new discipline. Leaders do this as others who high-lighted the idea and closed the book, return to the TV or yet start another book without ever using the idea they thought worthy of high-lighting. That’s being entertained by wisdom but failing to be wise.

It has been said that leaders are readers, but they must also be so much more. They must be students too. They must take the wisdom from between the pages and make it happen in their personal or professional lives. There have been so many wannabe-leaders who have passed through countless courses gleaning the theory but not the skill. These people are almost as stagnant as those who refuse to read. These people are ‘tunnel vision’ focused on tasks, not developing the peripheral vision necessary for growth in leadership skills, nor developing their people.

We are led by the minority. The few who were entertained by the idea and the possibilities of application grew richer, while the rest laid the idea aside to return to their other entertainment. The minority are those who stuck with the idea until it came to fruition. The majority are those of us who allow others to do the idea-mining, while we accomplish only the tasks at hand. Our time must be used more wisely, more productively, more imaginatively, to move beyond the majority.

The masses are immobilized by their dependence on others to spoon-feed them. The majority are mired in the quicksand of apathy and complacency where their work gives birth to nothing more than frustration and jealousy. The envious watch as leaders pass them by. The majority are left wondering why their degrees or resumes, listing old accomplishments, did not open the door for new opportunities. Status quo annihilates aspirations and career ambitions.

Leaders set time aside to reflect and evaluate. They make sure they learn from success as well as mistakes. They share their wisdom and bring others along in their growth and understanding. Leaders plan time to read, time to reflect, time to measure success, and time to share. Leaders advance one lesson, one new idea, one newly developed skill, at a time . . . . one at a time, time after time, over a long time. Leadership is a deliberate, intentional path.

Are you set square in the middle of the majority with little progress to show? Or, are you migrating toward the minority by being one determined to grow and move forward? Leadership is indeed, with all certainty, where the minority rules.

Join the minors and Celebrate Success.

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The Heart May Hold Your Key to Personal Success by ™

An interesting discussion recently had us exploring the whys and wheres of the sources of disrespect that is found in the work place. Several opinions were submitted and the list began to grow as the examples of disrespect were shared. The consideration shown to coworkers is a reflection of the level of respect learned as a child.

With a brief reflection of friends whose children were not only disrespectful but incapable of being taught how to respect another person, beyond the immediate correction and or discipline after an infraction. We came to agree that a person cannot offer nor teach to their children what they ultimately do not have. And a company / employer cannot coerce respect for coworkers, customers, or bosses if they never really learned the issue early in life.

They may comply for a short time as they are new to a job or a new employer, but the truth leaks out eventually. A selfish focus, or manipulation, or demands for their way are quick to bring an end to teamwork within an office or company as a whole. And if left unaddressed can become an attitude that goes viral very quickly leading to a severely dysfunctional office. As an Operations Manager I have had to draw-in people who were affecting their office and the mood of other satellite stores. It doesn’t take long before the ‘mood’ spills over onto the customer, most often over the phone.

Disrespect comes in a wide variety of manifestations such as passive disrespect. That would be where one fails to flush a toilet leaving the task for the next patron. In a marriage it would be the one that always leaves the cardboard tube on the toilet paper dispenser without replacing it with a new roll. I shared with the students at the University of Arkansas an article published in the Wall Street Journal back in the 80’s. The article covered how people lost great opportunities for high paying jobs simply because they failed to extend common courtesy (respect) for other people.

For HR professionals the task of identifying key indicators of true respect, or the lack thereof, can be a valuable tool in deciding which candidates are asked back for further interviews. In the book, The Millionaire Mind, by Thomas J. Stanley identifies characteristics that millionaires use in the selection process when choosing a mate. Two of those qualities were ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’ which were measured on how a person spoke of others in their absence. They looked for any indication of treating others with a two-faced behavior. If a person dealt amicably in person and then made disqualifying comments as the person walks away, it was an indicator of an underlying lack of respect for others.

It has long been advised to Salesmen as well as to job seekers, to treat the receptionist with respect and consideration. At some point the receptionist gets to have a say or some level of influence. Some of the interviews are conducted over a meal, possibly to watch how you interact with other people. Even in the face of poor service, would one publicly degrade or treat rudely the person serving them? Leadership would find a way to persuade a higher level of personal service without disrespecting anyone.

When facing a door that seems to be unreasonably locked, examine using respect and common courtesy as the key to unlock the door. Some people have been so abused or disrespected that time and repetition in addition to respect will be required. If you recognize that you have failed in this area, the power of a well placed apology may surprise you both. But here is where you must learn from your mistakes. The effort won’t go unnoticed.

Be aware that people are watching. If you find that your personal level of manners, courtesy and etiquette are below that required of the industry or office where you are applying, then seek some help. There are coaches and other resources that provide insight, but the real training comes through practicing the applications in the precise manner. Most people are unwilling to intentionally work on this area until they are in the area where the skills are required. Preparation and personal development are of great profit after you have invested in yourself.

Find someone with the highest of personal skills and take notes. Then compare your personal skills with theirs and determine where you need to improve. You can practice in many places; at home with those you love, in public with every waiter/waitress, with every salesperson you encounter, or with every opportunity that prevails. I guarantee there is someone watching your behavior. Someone is taking notes on you! Will you pass the test? Or, have you prepared yourself for the test? It comes from within, this desire to treat people with intentional respect. The heart will reveal itself if you don’t value others. Do you value people – or only on occasion? You can’t fake it, at least not forever.

Treat people with respect and Celebrate Success!

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